Bioelements Professional Skin Care is the line that I chose for my clients. The reason I use it in my practice is because the product speaks for itself with its beautiful results. Bioelements is a multi-dimensional system that balances the skins inner well-being with its outward appearance.

Bioelements formulas contain plant and tree extracts, 100% pure essential oils, trace minerals and high performance ingredients to deliver fast results and promote healthy skin. It does not contain irritating artificial colorants, animal byproducts, synthetic fragrances or pore-clogging mineral oil. It is not tested on animals, nor will it ever be.

What I like most about Bioelements is that you can customize each mask, product or facial for each client with their over 14 different actives, that work on different problems of the skin.

Every product is different and what works for one, doesn't always work for another. That is why Bioelements has created a skincare line that lets me customize products and formulas for each individual. Different? It sure is, but then so is everyone's skin.

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Other products used:

  • PCA Skin
  • Pevonia

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